Geofabric LDAPI

Application Programming Interface

This distribution of the Geofabric is presented as a Linked Data API which presents RESTful URI endpoints for each Register (list) of types of item and each individual item, such as a Catchment.

Different views and formats for each Register and individual item are accessible via either HTTP Content Negotiation or via the use of query string arguments (QSAs).

API URI patterns

This API uses the following patterns:


In words: the dataset URI with an additional class token may be followed by an object ID and then the QSAs _view and _format may be appended with a VIEW_TOKEN or FORMAT_TOKEN respectively.

Example endpoints

Views deliver information according to specification so:

To understand what views and formats are available for any API endpoint, use the specialised view for that purpose, the Alternates View, so URI?_view=alternats e.g.: