Geofabric Linked Data API


This is an Application Programming Interface (API) that delivers a Linked Data distribution of the Australian Hydrological Geospatial Fabric (the Geofabric).

This distribution of the Geofabric doesn't add any new information to the Geofabric other than associating classes of data within it with classes in the HY Features ontology.

This tool was developed for the Location Index project involving CSIRO & Geoscience Australia which implements a series of national spatial Linked Data datasets for Australia.

This API is facilitated by the pyLDAPI tool, working on top of Python's Flask web framework, which, with custom Python code, reads a slightly customised data feed of the Geofabric's spatial data Geofabric data from a Web Feature Service (WFS) which emulated the Bureau of Meteorology's Geofabric WFS (see The BoM Geofabric's Web Services documetation.


The code for this application is available in a repository at:

The conversion of the Geofabric from its original WFS form into Linked Data relies on the Geofabric Ontology which models part of the Geofabric in a Semantic Web manner. That ontology, in turn, relies on the HY_Features model, originally developed by the CSIRO/BoM WIRADA collaboration.


This API is developed by:

CSIRO's Environmental Informatics Group within CSIRO Land & Water.

Please see this tool's code repository for contact details.